What it is:
A simple and fast tool, accessible wherever you are.

It's perfect for small and medium business, professional firms, services agencies, single-member companies and agents/business managers.

Commercial Leads

CRM, data & documents Sharing, Automatic Visit and Call Tracking

Operative Management

Automatic External Activities tracking, easy office Activities tracking

Administrative ops

Client reports, Delivery notes, Invoices, Payments, Bank operations

Result analysis

Employee work reports, Job profitability results, Client analysis, Company tuning

Use Case

  • Sales Managers Out of Office: Use smartphone to get Client Data and to Track Calls, Trips and Visits.
  • Worker: Use smartphone or browser to track activities and set them to charge or not to charge.
  • Administrative manager: Automatically get billable articles/activities and make reports, invoices etc…
  • Company Managers: Analyze results and get aware decisions.


  • Dutybee is a cloud service that can manage company jobs from commercial lead to operative workflows to administrative activities. With it’s activity tracking skills it can give a results analysis with a realistic profitability view of every client / job / company division / employee

Key Features

  • Powerful integration between web application and smartphone app.
  • Automatic tracking of Telephone calls, Car trips, Customer visits.
  • Photo and Files upload from smartphones.
  • Integration with Micorsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Google apps.
  • Easy sharing of customer data, documents, information.
  • Easy way to manage and tracking tasks, activities and job processes.
  • Easy way to make activity reports, analysis reports, and much more
  • Invoices, delivery notes, payments management.

Key Benefits

  • Cost reduction
  • Productivity increase
  • Income increase
  • Client satisfaction

Edge over the competition/ Competitive Advantage (Comparison)

  • Automatic Calls, Trips and External Activity Tracking.
  • Photo and Files upload from smartphone to dutybee documents archive
  • Start Stop Widget to easily track in office activities
  • Person in Charge can Sign Activity Report on Smartphone Screen* (*only with SPen compatible phones)
  • Automatic client report sending (pdf via email)

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